Balcony glasses, balcony barriers, and terraces

A glazed balcony gives extra space to your home by adding some room for lounging about. The glass protects from wind, rain, and snow, it is nice to relax on a clean balcony. The glass also keeps out noise; traffic sounds, for example, can be reduced by up to a half. Your balcony is given a new life after glazing. The glass keeps the balcony warm in winter – thus, saving energy. Based on studies, glazing of balconies may help save an average of 5.9% of energy in apartment buildings.

Glass barriers

The barriers let sunlight in and make the room incredibly spacious and bright. We offer a wide selection of glasses depending on the customer’s wishes and needs.

Glass partition wall and doors

Glass partition walls and doors are a perfect interior design element, which adds light and space to the room. Mostly used for separating different rooms in offices and office buildings.