Sun protection lamellae

These light elliptic lamellae are made of aluminium and do not require maintenance. The sun protection system serves various functions, from adjustment of the room climate in the building to the architectural design of the façade of a building. The lamellae decrease the direct contact with solar radiation, while letting in natural daylight.

Composite aluminium panels

The panels have the structure of composite panels, which consist of two layers of aluminium and form sandwich panels. Thermoplastic or, in the case of fire-resistant composite panels, a special mineral mixture is extruded between the sheets of aluminium. There are three different types of composite panels: with LPDE-polyethylene filling, fire-resistant (class B), and flame-retardant (class A2). Using a novel technological and chemical adhesion method enables Alubond U.S.A to offer the best technological solutions and various long-lasting composite panels, which can be used in indoor as well as outdoor conditions and which are designed for various solutions in buildings, the transport sector, the field of advertising, as well as in the manufacturing of machines and traffic signs. The area of application of the material is essentially unlimited.